Books by Karen Wallis

Released: July 15, 2004

This tale might be valuable as an instructional tool in the classroom but will do little for the listener who might be reading or hearing it read aloud in any other context. Honoring a historic culture from the lands that are now part of Nevada and California, this story of a Washoe girl and her family lacks tension and plot. Seeming to be more of a text for use as a vocabulary builder—highlighted words are given their Washoe translation in a box on the page—the accounting of ceremonies and daily activities of the Washoe lack the excitement that learning about a new culture might bring. The illustrations and book design contribute little to the experience, often the text is laid over deep color, making it hard to read—white space and a more readable font would have helped the reader focus on the reading. Valuable only for a very select audience. (glossary, pronunciation key, bibliography) (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >