Books by Kathryn Lasky Knight

DARK SWAN by Kathryn Lasky Knight
Released: July 21, 1994

"Strong content well told in an original voice."
Children's-book illustrator Calista Jacobs (Mumbo Jumbo, 1991, etc.) and her teenage son, Charley, move to the house of her lover's parents in Boston's Back Bay while hers is being renovated. Read full book review >
MUMBO JUMBO by Kathryn Lasky Knight
Released: July 1, 1991

"Amusing stuff that wears thin very quickly with its predictable targets—licentious swamis, the pay-and-pray converts, etc.—and Calista and Charley, previously notable for their intelligence and exuberance, are awfully subdued here, though Charley still charms."
When children's book illustrator Calista Jacobs (Trace Elements, Mortal Words) joins brilliant archaeologist/lover Archie and her teen-aged son Charley at a Red Forks, Arizona, dig, the two are grumpy: a bunch of New Agers have bought up vast acreage, dubbed it ``Rancho Radiance,'' and now refuse to let them ``disturb'' the spirits of the ancients with research trenches. Read full book review >