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BACK CREEK by Leslie Goetsch
Released: Feb. 12, 2008

Grace spends the summer of 1975 at home on the banks of Back Creek, trying to shore up her fragmented family. Mother leaves for good; her elusive sister Lillian resurfaces after years of silence; and her father sinks deeper into alcoholism. Grace finds quiet comfort across the water with Cal, a Vietnam vet. Goetsch conjures the brackish world of the Virginia Tidewater region, bringing readers into the ebb and flow of its watery inlets. Expository, flat narration makes knowing Grace more problematic. Even as she recounts startling moments (a first kiss, a boating suicide), her voice lacks a distinctive timbre. Grace's look also feels derivative. How many bookish heroines have donned wire-rimmed glasses and a curly mop of hair? As summer closes, Goetsch forces Grace to grapple with an original, bold revelation: You can love people, even your family, and not like them. With readers drowning in water metaphors, this life preserver comes just in time. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >