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Time out of Mind by Linda Morgan
Released: May 20, 2013

Morgan's debut novel follows the adventures of a budding psychic.
Devon is a college student trying to prepare for her imminent graduation and introductioninto the real world. After she meets Jake at a bar, she's invited to a party that Saturday. There, she drinks, smokes some pot and blacks out. Over the next few days, she falls intensely in love with Jake, despite her initial ambivalence. Then, after a few months of intensive partying with Jake, Devon walks in on him with another woman, and shortly afterward he breaks up with her. Devon is crushed by this dismissal, to the puzzlement of her best friend, Kat, who can't understand what Devon sees in him. Devon's misery drives her to pay a visit to a local psychic named Alexis, who tells Devon that Jake and his friends put her under a voodoo love spell. Jake broke off the relationship just to see if, thanks to the spell's influence, he could drive her to suicide. Alexis also tells Devon she has psychic potential and offers to teach her how to develop it. But as Devon's powers grow, Jake's friends decide that they need to take care of her once and for all—before she can become a threat. The story runs the gamut of all the best psychic fodder, from crystal balls and past lives to "astral traveling" and even Atlantis. Despite the fluff, Morgan's story is intriguing and her characters surprisingly well-drawn. The plot's increasing complexity mirrors Devon's own development from college party girl to mature adult. Her growing perceptiveness allows her to see new aspects of the people around her, lending a refreshing depth to other characters. The story also contains plenty of surprises and twists along the way, although the ending is a bit anticlimactic; the planned sequel could help.
Beneath the psychic babble lies an entertaining, surprisingly deep story, particularly for a debut novel. Read full book review >