Books by Liz Parkhurst

Released: Sept. 1, 2009

From the African-American tale of "Johnny and the Dead Man's Liver" to the Civil War ghost story of "One Lace Glove," this anthology of 20 scary stories is—well, really scary! Grouped into five categories—Just Desserts and Lessons Learned, Ghostly Guardians, Dark Humor, Urban Legends and Jump Tales, and Fearless Females—there is a good mix of countries of origin and time periods. What makes these tales jump are the voices of the tellings, contributed by 20 different professional storytellers, along with tips on how to tell the story, background notes and the teller's profile. Not for preschoolers by any means, these tales are exactly what the subtitle says. A few are familiar, such as "The Boy Who Drew Cats," and people interested in storytelling will recognize some of the tellers' names, such as Margaret Read MacDonald. From a macabre "Gingerbread Man" to the popular "The Red Satin Ribbon," these spine-tinglers will have storytellers of all kinds jumping at the chance to tell their favorites. (Folklore. 10 & up)Read full book review >