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The Seduction Campaign by Lloyd Reman
Released: May 5, 2014

In this political thriller from Reman (Criminally Innocent, 2014), a conservative talk radio staffer and a liberal activist unite to find out whether corporations are killing Americans.
The famous Randall Excelsior "Rex" Bellenboch is a blowhard conservative talk show host at a Boston radio station. One of his staffers, Kurt, is a rising star in the business and hopes to get on the air himself one day. When Rex orders his underlings to research some of the left's discredited conspiracy theories so he can humiliate liberals on the air, Kurt gets to work. As he looks into possible corporate misdeeds, he meets Harvard University student and liberal activist Mindy Brand, daughter of a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor. Kurt and Mindy don't trust each other, but when Mindy faces a crisis and asks Kurt to help her, he reluctantly agrees. Despite the book's boilerplate liberal-is-good, conservative-is-bad premise, readers who enjoy a good mystery will look past the stereotypes to focus on the story, which eventually gives Mindy and Kurt an intriguing ally: a former Navy SEAL with a pornography problem and other mental difficulties. Readers will wonder who he really is, and whose side he's really on. The investigation expands to include the FBI, the CIA and a pharmaceutical company, and at one point, there's a torture scene involving a Middle Eastern suspect that's so gruesome it would make 24's Jack Bauer blush. Reman's strongest suit is sharp dialogue ("Sometimes we have to make choices." "I might get killed and you call it a choice?"). However, the book sometimes delivers stilted descriptions: "After further discussion, they each got their respective laptops and made their way to the living room." Occasionally, some aspects of characterization seem unrealistic; for example, when Mindy asks Kurt whether he'd be bothered if she used explosives to kill someone, he's strangely not very troubled at all. However, as the book races to its conclusion, Reman does manage to throw some curveballs that make the novel a satisfying read.

A fun thriller for conspiracy buffs of all political stripes. Read full book review >
Criminally Innocent by Lloyd Reman
Released: April 14, 2014

Four white-collar friends are caught up in an investigation when one of their own is accused of bribing government officials in Reman's debut thriller.
Carl Messina is the only one of his friends still at the accounting firm where the four of them started more than 20 years ago. Marc is a lawyer, Ken heads a company's tax department, and Kavi, Carl's best friend, is CFO at American Dynamics Group. When ADG is accused of bribery, initially at a construction project in the Ukraine and later at plants in other countries, the Securities and Exchange Commission sends Gary Bevins. The SEC generally handles civil matters but is working with the Department of Justice to investigate the case as a criminal offense. And Gary, it seems, is gunning for Kavi, compiling all the evidence, including statements from ADG employees and officers, against him. Carl, Marc and Ken scramble to find a way to help their friend, but since the SEC's case is so strong, they may have to resort to a solution that's not exactly within the scope of the law. This is a staunch corporate thriller that forefronts white-collar crime. The novel ably deploys the traditional hero and villain roles. The physically capable Ken, with "muscles on his muscles," does help devise "the Plan," but he proves far less helpful than Marc or Carl. Gary is a formidable opponent, and his razor-sharp, mature intellect, especially when interrogating Kavi, belies his youthful appearance—Kavi's first impression is that the bowtie-sporting Gary looks like a teenager. The relationships among the friends are strong; the book opens with the men at their annual get-together, commemorating their dinner as recruits at the firm, and occasionally flashes back to their meals and conversations throughout the years. In comparison, Carl's romance with Vicki, an asset-protection attorney hired for Kavi, is feeble. The love he inevitably develops for her seems based solely on Vicki's bodily attributes.

A crafty thriller in which characters' wits are their weapons and crimes are often committed without anyone taking notice.
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