Books by Lois Thompson Bartholomew

THE WHITE DOVE by Lois Thompson Bartholomew
Released: April 1, 2000

Soon the kingdom of Comnor, which like Narnia exists only in the imagination, will become a free republic, but not before a rebel named Com is removed. Tasha's father abdicated his throne to begin a democratic republic, and Marko has been duly elected its president. In his absence, however, Com has declared himself the new king and has put Tasha and Marko's little sister, Raina, into a compound for political prisoners. When Marko sends the symbol of a white dove, Tasha knows the time has come for her and Raina to flee. Her father's brother, Ari, wearing the disguise of an old man, plans and executes their harrowing escape and their return to Marko—but not before vital state documents are retrieved from a secret bedroom compartment, thus ensuring Com's downfall. Readers will not want to put this book down. Accounts of treachery, deceit, and truth rewarded fill this novel. Escaping from caves and a dungeon, Tasha's determination to oust Com and rejoin the rebels gives her the courage to strive for her personal freedom and the freedom of her country. Boundless determination, hope, and desire put into action—these are the messages here. (Fiction. 11-13)Read full book review >