Books by Louise Crawford

BLAIZE OF GLORY by Louise Crawford
Released: April 1, 2001

"Silly dialogue, unappealing characters, and more mush than mayhem. "
Recovering food addict and former p.i. Andrea "Blaize" McCue, now a Sacramento substance-abuse counselor, agrees to take on one more investigation for her chum and landlord Maria Quintera, whose teenaged niece Connie Donovan is missing. The first fact that disintegrates under pressure is Connie's parentage; she's actually Marie's daughter, the result of a school-age fling with now-married state legislator Gordon Whitman. She's also a victim of rape—like both Blaize and her school chum Sunny, who were both assaulted by a knife-wielding rapist they now refer to as "Mac." While trying to track down Connie, Blaize meets up with gorgeous Detective Stephanos Zoloski. Sunny, unfortunately, meets up with Mac again and dies. Blaize and Zoloski (a.k.a. Z-man) smooch a lot and investigate a little, focusing their nonamatory moments on the cast members of a play Blaize and Sunny were in years ago. There'll be more smooching, more death, and two hospital stints for Blaize before she and Z-man accost the perps, wrap things up, and settle down to some heavy-duty TLC. Read full book review >