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MOONRUNNER by Mark Thomason
Released: March 1, 2009

It's the 1890s, and Casey and his family have just moved to the Australian outback from Montana. Casey's had to leave his horse and his friends behind, and now he has to ride an old mule to school, where he is teased mercilessly. Casey and his parents—clones of Ma and Pa Ingalls—strive to make their way in their new country, and it's the wild brumbies (Australian mustangs) that help him most. Casey's kind of a finagler: He drives a bargain with a wealthy rancher, acquiring a beautiful mare when she loses a race, makes a bet with the school kids around baseball (a new sport to them) and ultimately—and hugely implausibly—"negotiates" with the wild stallion he's named Moonrunner for the care of his mare and her colt. This portrait of Down Under pioneer life is built around a love of horses. There is almost enough hardship to give a sense of reality, but often Casey's peculiar brand of salesmanship works a little too miraculously. Horse lovers will gulp this down, but for most the ride will be a walk instead of a gallop. (Historical fiction. 8-12) Read full book review >