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MY TWO WORLDS by Ginger Gordon
Released: Aug. 15, 1993

A straightforward color-photo essay depicting an attractive eight-year-old at P.S. 189, at home in N.Y.C. and on a Christmas visit to the Dominican Republic. ``I'm the only one born here,'' Kirsy Rodriguez explains. ``We all speak Spanish at home and English whenever we need to.'' Since her parents have jobs and her brother's in college, only Kirsy and her older sister make the trip. In Puerto Plata, children are shown at work scrubbing streets or carrying water, but Kirsy's grandparents live comfortably in the house they've had for 50 years; the emphasis here is on reunion with family and friends and holiday activities like going to the beach. Then it's back to loving parents and winter's snows. An upbeat picture that effectively contrasts the best of both worlds. (Nonfiction/Picture book. 4-9) Read full book review >