Books by Mary Bergin

Released: Dec. 1, 1994

A collection of scrumptious sweets that maintains the long- standing tradition of delicious Spago cooking. Head pastry chef Bergin and Gethers (who collaborated on Wolfgang Puck's Adventures in the Kitchen, not reviewed), team up here to share some well-kept secrets and provide the recipes for Spago's most popular desserts. They've successfully translated restaurant preparation to home scale, and their close attention to detail makes even intimidatingly sophisticated creations doable; for example, handy sidebars list necessary equipment and options for preparing ahead. Even though layering a cake or whipping up a pÉte sucrÇe is second nature for these professionals, they never take anything for granted and give accurate procedural advice that even a novice can handle. Included are signature desserts like Spago's infamous cheesecake, brown butter tarts, and decadent chocolate truffle cake, as well as recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth, such as a brioche that takes some effort but comes out light and golden and an amazing recipe for crunchy, dense biscotti. Even the directions for the sometimes difficult tarte tatin ensured a perfectly caramelized top every time. The introduction includes a sensible list of equipment, information on cooking terms, and advice on ingredients (e.g., kosher salt melts more easily into batter than iodized salt). The appendix on resources ensures access to high- quality gourmet foods and cookware. A treat that's sure to become a classic. (Author tour) Read full book review >