Books by Mary Monica Pulver

SHOW STOPPER by Mary Monica Pulver
Released: May 1, 1992

"Still, if one is keen on the horsy set, the ambiance is right, and the author gently pricks the pretensions and single-mindedness of competitors, owners, and judges."
Tretower Farm heiress Kori Brichter (Original Sin, etc.) has barely arrived at the Fourth Annual Lafite Class-A All-Arabian Horse Show and won a blue ribbon in beginning dressage when a much disliked trainer, Keith Bulward, is murdered with a hoof-knife in one of Kori's stalls. Read full book review >
ORIGINAL SIN by Mary Monica Pulver
Released: Jan. 18, 1990

The fourth in Pulver's series featuring cantankerous detective Peter Brichter and his heiress-wife/horse-lover Kori pays homage to the sequestered house-party genre. Read full book review >