Books by Michael Cormany

SKIN DEEP IS FATAL by Michael Cormany
Released: April 1, 1992

"Meanwhile, pet bunny Bugs is on hand again, but wisely sleeps through most of Kruger's sentimental mumblings."
In an alcohol/drug rehab clinic with his punk girlfriend Heather (Polaroid Man, 1991), Chicago p.i. Read full book review >
POLAROID MAN by Michael Cormany
Released: June 1, 1991

"Though Kruger has sort of cleaned up his act—he no longer tries to get his pet bunny, Bugs, stoned—he's still too manufactured a hero to elicit much sympathy: one part cute pet to two parts glib wisecracks to three-fifths a bottle of scotch."
Chicago pill-popping p.i. Read full book review >
RED WINTER by Michael Cormany
Released: April 14, 1989

Kruger, the Chicago p.i. who'll swallow anything (from valium to antihistamines to Stroh's to brandy), here swallows real-estate developer Nicholas Cheyney's story of being blackmailed for belonging to a communist group back in the 60's—a story that, he says, would blackball him from membership in the swanky Metropolitan Club if it got out. Read full book review >