Books by Michael Fisher

THE NIGHTMARE MAN by Michael Fisher
Released: Aug. 1, 1991

A psychic ex-cop, still haunted by his wife's recent kidnapping and murder, tracks down the killer of an old friend and exposes a bloody scheme to smuggle cocaine into Australia. Much of Ed Cody's background is given in flashback, presumably references to Fisher's first novel, the paperback Cries From the Darkness, in which Cody apparently gained his ability to envision past and future crimes of violence after a madman fired a bullet into his head, the victim later tragically losing his wife to yet another crazed killer. Cody and his sons, Damien (18) and Patrick (12), are fulfilling a family dream of sailing around the world when he learns of the murder of reporter Tommy Creager in New Zealand. His investigations soon take him to Sydney, where he joins forces with another reporter, Joe McCabe, and begins to tie Creager's death—along with the deaths of several others—into some sort of plot against the criminal empire of one Griffin Brown. In short order, two of Brown's sons are killed in the arson of one of his nightclubs and several of his trusted lieutenants die in an attack on a house of prostitution. All this seems to be the handiwork of a rival Chinese ganglord, but may also be tied to a second deadly arson in the past and the disappearance of Brown's youngest son. The mysterious white-haired killer behind all the violence sets his sights on Cody and his sons as they begin to unravel the tangled situation with the help of a gang of street kids and the detective's strange premonitions. Offbeat and exciting enough to warrant the effort. Read full book review >