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BROTHERS by Michael Mazo
Released: Nov. 10, 2009

Assuming the role of wise mentor in this all-canine romp, Julius the Elder, Top Dog the First, laughs at the foibles of his younger sib William the Upstart ("He thinks the toilet is the Fountain of Youth and not a drinking bowl at all") but admires the way the puppy attacks the "Water-snake beast" out in the yard and is willing to form temporary alliances when there's a sofa to be chewed or 40 tennis balls to be gathered on an outing to the park. In Soloviov's cartoon art, stylishly placed against all-black backgrounds (the text is bone-white), the two dogs (of indeterminate short-haired breed, though inspired, according to the author bio, by his bull terriers) act out their parts: Julius as a (generally) sedate, assured observer; William bouncing confusedly off the closed patio door, attacking the hose clad in martial-arts wear and angrily pounding a shoe on the table during diplomatic "negotiations." Some historical references may be lost on younger readers, but their grown-ups are bound to chuckle: Rarely has tongue been more firmly ensconced in cheek. (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >