Books by Michael McKinney

A THOUSAND BRIDGES by Michael McKinney
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

The day after Candace Furay's abortion—she was raped by Florida gubernatorial hopeful Bob Birk, who insisted on the abortion—she sees her three best friends gunned down by members of a secret private army. Five years pass before Candy's mother, Katherine, is able to find an unlikely white knight—her old friend Patty Sheevers's lover/ partner, down-and-out p.i. McDonald Clay, who ``carved a Sheevers- sized hole in my heart'' after Patty was killed—to stop taking handouts for running Birk's dirty errands and turn on him and his glazed-eyed followers who plan to turn Florida into a police state, legalize drug sales to lowlifes segregated in patrolled camps, and use the resulting revenues to educate ``Florida's other children, the leaders of tomorrow.'' A save-the-world first novel reminiscent of Bulldog Drummond and the Saint at their penny-dreadfullest. Read full book review >