Books by miroslava Lhotsky

Released: April 1, 2000

" For a time of 'uncertainty and disequilibrium: what was is gone or going, and what will be is not fully formed,' sympathetic, realistic information and support."
A first-rate map of the dizzying and often distressing physical, emotional, and psychosocial changes of midlife, providing solid help not just in surviving, but in growing as well. The authors (physician, psychologist, and health educator) all specialize in health care at midlife, and they are comfortable and confident drawing on all resources that might help—mainstream medicine, complementary and alternative therapies, and social and spiritual measures are considered. The authors first detail physical changes—for men and women—and consider such hot topics as hormone replacement therapy. Their take on the subject? Until the results from a number of current, long-range studies on HRT are in, "there is no reason to advise all healthy women to routinely take HRT to prevent heart disease and osteoporosis." They then offer an organized, comprehensive, preventive plan for assessing one's current lifestyle and determining what changes would make it healthier. The authors succeed in taking into account numerous health issues and concerns, and then integrate them into a cohesive approach. There is in-depth information on the most common and serious health concerns of midlife. Finally, the authors consider the medical effects of relationships, especially with spouses, and the search for meaning in daily life. Read full book review >