Books by Neville Steed

BOXED IN by Neville Steed
Released: May 1, 1992

"Often witty—and though the clues are a tad strained and the Yard's reliance on Marklin a bit implausible, they're wrapped in much English charm."
While admiring the vintage Packard to be auctioned by Desmond Grangier (``the only man in the world who could make John Gielgud sound dead common''), antique toy-car dealer Peter Marklin (Wind- Up, etc.) opens its trunk—and discovers the body of teenage paperboy Elvis Stover. Read full book review >
WIND-UP by Neville Steed
Released: May 22, 1991

"Reasonable clues, but forced repartee and contrived antique- toy chat make this far less engaging than the charming Tinplate or Die-Cast."
Vintage-toy dealer Peter Marklin (Clockwork, 1989, etc.) again finds himself chasing a murderer when a good chum, the old reprobate Gus, asks him to prove that the voyeuristic Ron Ball, Inspector Digby Whetstone's most likely suspect, didn't kill Maurice Maitland and then badly batter his wife Mary: after all, on the night of the tragedy, Ron was hiding in their garden peeping at Mary in her nightie. Read full book review >