Books by Nigel Barley

Released: Aug. 3, 1992

"It's the author's own rambunctious exploits that carry the day—and that's more than enough. (Sixteen pages of b&w illustrations, map- -not seen.)"
Admirers of Barley's witty and revealing anthropological- adventure yarns (Not a Hazardous Sport, 1989, etc.) will be pleased to see that the assistant curator of the British Museum has not lost his touch as he recounts his experiences at sites associated with Sir Stamford Raffles (1781-1826)—founder of Singapore and general burr under the saddle of the high-riding directors of the British East India Company during the early 19th century. Read full book review >

Having been assured by his insurance company that anthropology was "not a hazardous sport" and that his accident coverage would not be jeopardized by a trip to Torajaland, Barley—Senior Anthropologist at the British Museum; author of Ceremony (1986)—set off to explore that remote area of Indonesia. Read full book review >