Books by Olympia Vernon

Olympia Vernon was raised in a small town and grew up in Mt. Hermon and Osyka, Mississippi. The town was on the border between Mississippi and Louisiana. Vernon was the fourth of seven children. Originally, Vernon wanted a career in law enforcement and

A KILLING IN THIS TOWN by Olympia Vernon
Released: Feb. 9, 2006

"The author's metaphorical language reflects the drama's oppressive physicality, but it also leads her into elliptical, torturous and nearly unreadable passages. This is a powerful, difficult work by a writer absolutely determined to see."
From Southerner Vernon (Eden, 2003, etc.), an unflinching, relentless drama set in the lynching culture of the KKK. Read full book review >
LOGIC by Olympia Vernon
Released: May 1, 2004

"Vernon's vision is relentless, nearly misanthropic, often unintelligible except at a second reading. Altogether, Logic is like an early effort, before the author could hone her vision."
Second-novelist Vernon (Eden, 2003) reveals her southern antecedents in Faulkner and Morrison in a desperately sad tale of a retarded, abused young black girl in hopeless Valsin County, Mississippi. Read full book review >
EDEN by Olympia Vernon
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"An eloquent, if bizarrely childlike, and unflinching coming-of-ager that bears mountains of grief, passion, and guilt."
An angry, viscerally felt debut tale of bad blood and rotten body parts, recounted by a black girl in Mississippi trying to make sense of her burgeoning sexuality amid the sin-scarred folk around her. Read full book review >