Books by Patrick Sheane Duncan

A PRIVATE WAR by Patrick Sheane Duncan
Released: June 3, 2002

"A bit too good to be true, but Meredith is on the whole easy to like in an easy-to-take entertainment by the author of Courage Under Fire (1996), which, as a movie, starred Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan."
A feisty female career officer keeps sexist pigs in line and a military thriller on-target. Read full book review >
COURAGE UNDER FIRE by Patrick Sheane Duncan
Released: Feb. 7, 1996

"Duncan delivers an engrossing twist on the dilemma of a devil's advocate in a military milieu. (Film rights to Twentieth Century Fox)"
An Army wunderkind whose upwardly mobile career has been stalled by a friendly-fire incident during the Gulf War redeems himself in the course of an investigation. Read full book review >