Books by Peter Rankin

MAKING ROOM by Joanne Taylor
Released: Sept. 21, 2004

John William, 18, sets out with an axe, a saw, two calves, and two chickens to build his house and make a life for himself. Eventually he feels the need for a wife, and then the building never seems to stop. First, Annie needs a pantry, then a cradle. When John William's elderly parents come to live with them, they build proper bedrooms upstairs and a new kitchen. By the time they settle into their own old age, he has built another house, a parlor, and more bedrooms, all to house their growing family: children and their spouses, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and a widowed neighbor. Finally, Annie tells John William of their final need—to retire—and they move to a house built and furnished by the next generation. Rankin's paintings are richly evocative of times past, the clothing and tools of the day accurately detailed. A wonderful way to show children what life was like before department stores furnished homes and families lived all over the country. (Picture book. 5-12)Read full book review >