Books by Philip Ross

WHITE FLOWER by Philip Ross
Released: Feb. 28, 1989

P.I. James Marley (Blue Heron) returns, this time to sort out what may or may not be the midlife crisis of his friend Russ Detweiller—who has abandoned his wife Joanna and his nearly completed computer work (worth millions) for the charms of former bar-girl Lily Lee and the island breezes of Montserrat. Does Lily love Russ, or is she part of a plot to keep him from working? Russ' program soon turns up on the West Coast; his assistant flees, is killed, and Marley scurries between Boston and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Joanna comes on to him, Lily attracts him, Russ manipulates him into becoming a voyeur, and decidedly nasty oriental gentlemen (all connected to the luscious—lying? loyal?—Lily Lee) track him and that elusive computer program through forests, ravines, ocean sprays, beaches, and tax-write-off hotel sites—where salt water, Lily, and his own cunning save the day, though not Russ' marriage. A sexy, readable caper whose wispy premise is all but obscured by a fast pace, sexual tension, and Marley's staunch insistence on being fair to everybody. Thin at the center, then, but seductively thrilling around the edges. Read full book review >