Books by Ralph Arnote

A RAGE IN PARADISE by Ralph Arnote
Released: June 10, 1997

"Functional and depthless as an aluminum-sided split-level a long way down the road from swanky Stag Creek."
A first hardcover outing for Willy Hanson, a paperback hero who lives on a ketch as an ``atoning avenger.'' Visiting his old friend Cliff Blaylock in idyllic Stag Creek, New Jersey, Willy can't help noticing that Blaylock's saddened and distracted over the theft of a unique rarity he'd just purchased—a mint-condition 1793 penny inscribed ``AMERI''- -and over the shooting, the very same night the coin was stolen, of Willis McCord, the boy next door. Read full book review >
HONG KONG, CHINA by Ralph Arnote
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

"Good company and a fine breakfast have totally cured my jet lag''), many readers may ask: Where is James Clavell now that we need him?"
Arnote, an old paperback mystery hand, debuts in hardcover with a trashy and rather tedious tale of Hong Kong on the eve of its reversion to China. Read full book review >