Books by Reavis Moore

Released: June 1, 1993

First in the ``Rainbow Warrior Artists'' series, which will depict artists around the world: glimpses into the lives and cultures of five members of tribes in the US and Mexico verify their modern, unabashed attitudes toward their various native arts. A Mexican Huichol artist glues yarn to a board to produce a four- foot fantasy of shamans' (and his own) visions; a Spokane paints and combines visual forms; a Cayuga doll-maker and beader uses traditional materials to express contemporary feelings. Also presented are a Chumash dancer and a Taos Pueblo flute maker and player. Proud of their heritage, most choose to live on the reservation while pursuing their art—which may reach New York galleries, the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Smithsonian, or audiences across the country. For each, Moore provides brief information about the tribe, the artist's life, and the art itself, interspersing quotes epitomizing the artists' philosophies and appending activities (``Making Your Own Yarn Paintings''; ``Tracking the Earth's Songs''). Colorful photos of tribal homes and people, in traditional and modern dress, enliven the text. An eclectic approach that may well stimulate other young fingers and feet. (Nonfiction. 8-14) Read full book review >