Books by Richard Herman

IRON GATE by Richard Herman
Released: Jan. 22, 1996

"Vivid, violent scenes of aerial combat and plausible maneuvering behind the lines where geopolitical fates are determined: a notably exciting account of a low-intensity conflict that's uncomfortably credible on its own merits."
Bird-colonel Matt Pontowski (Dark Wing, 1994, etc.) takes his US Air Force Wing on a peacekeeping mission to South Africa, where aggressive white separatists may have made a go of cold fusion (giving them a nuclear capability): Herman's latest entry in a first-rate series of military/political thrillers. Read full book review >
DARK WING by Richard Herman
Released: May 26, 1994

"The characters are adroitly assembled as they fight in cities throughout southern China on land and in the air, creating such an engrossing tale of war that one is eager to read about the fate of the next generation of Pontowskis."
The saga of the Pontowski clan from Firebreak (1991) and Call to Duty (1993) continues as Matt Pontowski becomes a player in a potential military conflict looming in the Far East. Read full book review >
CALL TO DUTY by Richard Herman
Released: Jan. 15, 1993

"World War II looks cozy by comparison."
Herman, whose Firebreak (1991) showed with considerable accuracy what a Middle Eastern war could be like, pits Southeast Asian pirates (they really do exist) against the best of America's Delta Force. Read full book review >