Books by Robert Love Taylor

For over three decades ROBERT LOVE TAYLOR taught creative writing and Appalachian literature at Bucknell University. He is the author of two collections of linked stories and two other novels. His short fiction has appeared in such venues as Georgia Revie

BLIND SINGER JOE’S BLUES by Robert Love Taylor
Released: Nov. 30, 2006

"More compelling and less hokey than one might expect."
Taylor (Lady of Spain, 1992, etc.) examines hard times in the early-20th-century South—and the music that resulted. Read full book review >
LADY OF SPAIN by Robert Love Taylor
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

"Like that piece, the collection—managing by turns to be both gritty and lyrical—is a memorable one."
Taylor (The Lost Sister, 1989, etc.) tells the 1950's saga of a philandering Oklahoma father and the coming-of-age of his son—in nine interconnected stories that deal mostly with male sexuality and offer an incident-filled evocation of two archetypal lives. Read full book review >
THE LOST SISTER by Robert Love Taylor
Released: March 9, 1989

Taylor's third book, a bleak novel set in Oklahoma during the Twenties and Thirties, not only suggests that life could be nasty, brutal, and short back then, but that this was particularly true for those who hoped for something better. Read full book review >