Books by Robert Roennfeldt

THE PADDOCK by Lilith Norman
Released: March 1, 1993

Explaining her eponymous metaphor for the earth as an encompassing word for land of virtually any size or condition, a well-regarded Australian author (Climb a Lonely Hill, 1970, o.p.) draws on mythic Dreamtime and on modern environmental concerns for a lyrical reprise of ``the paddock's'' history—touching on land's formation from lava and rock, early life and the age of dinosaurs, and changing continents before centering on primeval Australia and its two waves of settlers. After the Europeans (``The railway line came, like steel fetters, and chained the town to the cities...'') comes a distant future when people may be gone but ``small wild creatures'' reclaim the land. Roennfeldt's sweeping impressionistic paintings have an appropriate universality tempered with intimate touches—a koala draped comfortably in a tree, the precise details of the fast- growing town. Thoughtful and carefully wrought: a worthy companion to Jeannie Baker's Window (1991). (Picture book. 4-10) Read full book review >