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THE NPR INTERVIEWS 1994 by Robert Siegel
Released: Nov. 15, 1994

"NPR prides itself. (Author tour)"
All Things Considered host Siegel selected the nearly 100 interviews here, all broadcast on NPR in 1993, with an eye to material ``that read well on the page.'' Capturing the breadth of subjects covered by NPR's shows, the book groups the interviews under ten section headings, including ``Arts and Letters,'' ``Science,'' ``The Story of the Year: Bosnia,'' ``Washington,'' and ``Animal Life.'' Robert McNamara reveals his intention to write an autobiography that will contain previously unpublished information about US intervention in Vietnam; Karen Armstrong talks about her book, A History of God; and the General Aviation liaison for the Anchorage International Airport unwittingly tells a story of worker exploitation in the tale of three pigs—Larry, Moe, and Curly—who, after successfully fulfilling their mission of gorging on gulls' eggs (to reduce the population of birds posing a hazard to aircraft), were respectfully turned into bacon. Read full book review >