Books by Robert Snedden

EXPLOR-A-MAZE by Robert Snedden
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

From ship to shore, readers follow maps and mazes to trace the routes of an array of famous explorers—Buzz Aldrin, Roald Amundsen, Neil Armstrong, Leif Eriksson, Vasco da Gama, and Marco Polo among them. Lands to settle and goods to trade spark the impetus for ten chronological journeys of discovery across a millennium; two spreads are devoted to each explorer, introduced with an interactive maze activity that parallels the idea of the unknown, uncharted territory, complete with obstacles hindering the traveler. Readers must navigate sea monsters and treacherous rocks in the time of Ferdinand Magellan, collect plant specimens for Captain James Cook, and avoid angry natives and coral reefs en route with Christopher Columbus. A flip of the page presents a brief capsule of the explorer's historic route in a series of numbered paragraphs that correspond with points on the map, including an answer key specific to each maze. Bright, eye-catching illustrations feature sea-faring themes as well as indigenous flora and fauna. The glib, oversimplified approach (Eriksson was banished from Norway for ``killing someone,'' and ``also thrown out of'' Iceland) makes this less useful for in-depth research and report writing, but attractive to armchair explorers. (Nonfiction. 8-12) Read full book review >
YUCK! by Robert Snedden
Released: May 1, 1996

Give this book a perfect ten on the prickle-meter. Photographed in glorious yucknocolor, the pictures on these pages are guaranteed to raise goose bumps and leave readers itching. Dust mites and silverfish, flora and fungi, the hairs on a human head- -even something so bland as the surface of a compact disk—are microscopically enlarged to present a whole new view of the everyday world. There's surely an educational purpose to it all—to open children's eyes to the wonders of scientific exploration—but Snedden (What is a Bird?, 1993, etc.) has created a gross-fest that is far too absorbing to be a simple learning experience. A foldout page allows readers to guess the objects under the slide. Most can't be guessed (the surface of a tooth looks like a dry riverbed), but the format adds to the fun. The title says it all, and most children will adore it. (Picture book/nonfiction. 5-10) Read full book review >
WHAT IS A BIRD? by Robert Snedden
Released: April 1, 1993

A survey of birds' characteristics—those that make them unique and those they have in common with other animals. Incorporating clear color photos from Oxford Scientific Films and also diagrams (e.g., to explain avian aeronautics) and color drawings (to depict the variety of beak shapes) into his lucid presentation, Snedden discusses feathers, flying, songs and calls, and eggs, enlivening the typical with the unusual and making instructive comparisons between bird species and between birds and other animals. Sizes and habitats are mentioned only when they are germane to the subject at hand: the concept of ``bird,'' for instance, in the context of the animal kingdom. A glossary extends information found in the text. Snedden's companion book, What Is an Insect? (87156-540-4), is also available. An excellent concept builder. Index. (Nonfiction. 7- 10) Read full book review >