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THE FIFTH SCRIPT by Ross H. Spencer
Released: April 28, 1989

Spencer's umpteenth misogynous novel (Death Wore Gloves, etc.), this one featuring Lacey Lockington, a cop suspended from the force when his numerous in-the-line-of-duty kills are called into question by columnist Stella Starbright (real name: Erika Elwood), who later apologizes, sort of seduces him, then accepts his protection when the two previous "Stellas"—nympho Eleanor Fisher and "hot-crotched divorcee" Connie Carruthers—are killed. Will she be next? Why? As he works for his ex-partner Duke Denny's p.i. agency (along with another "retired" cop, Moose), Lacey wrestles with his girl's seemingly unrelated death, threats from the ultraconservative LAON, and a trail that links his love and the three Stellas to publishing billionaire Max Jarvish—as well as to a nicely set-up former whore and a Detroit husband now living in Chicago under another name all too familiar to Lacey. The cross/double-cross finale pits Stella against that husband against Lacey in a killer-take-all scenario. As usual, Spencer's women get the worst of it—here, in a pugnacious, feisty, but ultimately a poorly plotted (the Stella relationship is unbelievable) story. Will Spencer ever meet/create a woman he didn't want to kill? Read full book review >