Books by Rudine Sims Bishop

Released: Oct. 1, 2009

Daniel A. Payne may have only been five feet tall and 100 pounds, but "the little bishop left giant footprints." Though he was born free in South Carolina in 1811, slavery was legal in the United States for the first two-thirds of his life. Wanting to have the same knowledge the slaveholders had, Payne taught himself Greek, Latin, mathematics, geography and science. Then he committed his life to his twin passions—religion and education. He started schools, initiated the country's first organization of black ministers, pushed for better education for African Methodist Episcopal pastors and was the first black president of an African-American college, Wilberforce University. He met with President Lincoln and was praised by Frederick Douglass, yet he is almost forgotten today. Clearly written, chronologically organized and making good use of archival photographs and reproductions of other important documents, this is a solid introduction to an historical figure who deserves to be better known. (timeline, author's note, resources) (Biography. 8-12)Read full book review >