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OUT OF THE SHADOWS by Sarah Singleton
Released: Oct. 6, 2008

Moving deftly between 13th-century and 16th-century England, this beautifully written historical fantasy explores malignant religious persecution, an alternate realm and fierce devotion to loved ones. In 1586, a few dry bones inside a hollow tree materialize into Isabella, a girl who's spent 300 years in the shadow land with the crow people. At a stream, she meets Elizabeth Dyer, a girl her own age, who befriends her despite Isabella's green skin and shyness. The Dyers are Catholic, earning derision and danger under Queen Elizabeth's Reformation, especially when they shelter a Catholic priest. Isabella's mother, Ruth, knew such persecution as a healer/midwife who was accused of witchcraft and executed in 1241. Ruth arranged for the crow people to shelter Isabella in exchange for receiving John, Isabella's adored half-faerie brother. The girls' fast friendship, brief views of the disquieting shadow land and the Dyers' impending torture and prosecution for treason create wrenching images. Poignant symmetry between the girls' lives deepens as a new pact with the faeries is struck to save Elizabeth's family. Distinctive. (author's note) (Historical fantasy. 11-15)Read full book review >