Books by Sarah Wernick

Released: April 3, 2000

" Clear, sound help for those at particular risk."
For those to whom osteoporosis is a serious concern, this will be welcomed as a straightforward, single-purpose guide to its prevention and treatment. Nutritionist Nelson and writer Wernick (Strong Women Stay Slim; Strong Women Stay Strong—neither reviewed) recommend exercise and nutrition measures as the building blocks of prevention, bolstered by medications when needed. They first explain how bone is formed, and what goes wrong in the process that allows osteoporosis to occur. They explain how diagnoses are made, and then lay out their plan for action. Exercise must involve some amount of weight-bearing to promote bone health, they instruct (swimming, for example, won't do it). And "exciting new research suggests that just two minutes a day of vertical jumping—yes, leaping up and down—can produce significant improvements" in bone density. Balance training (covered here) is important to lessen the likelihood of falling. The diet and menu plans given here are easy to follow. Information on medications such as hormone replacement therapy, Fosamax, Evista and calcitonin is included. Finally, self-assessment tests are provided to help readers create an individualized plan for maintaining bone health. Read full book review >