Books by Stella Shepherd

EMBERS OF DEATH by Stella Shepherd
Released: Jan. 10, 1997

"Shepherd's seventh (Nurse Dawes Is Dead, 1995, etc.) is as swift-moving, as full of sharp-featured characters, and as neatly solved as all her others."
Seven suspicious fires, and the Nottingham CID still doesn't have a single suspect. Read full book review >
NURSE DAWES IS DEAD by Stella Shepherd
Released: Jan. 28, 1995

"Civilized, nasty fun."
And good riddance, too. Read full book review >
THINNER THAN BLOOD by Stella Shepherd
Released: July 21, 1992

"A treat for Anglophiles."
The third outing for Inspector Richard Montgomery, Nottinghamshire CID (Black Justice, Murderous Remedy—not reviewed), finds him fielding anonymous letters about the supposedly natural death (gastrointestinal hemorrhage) of ancient battle-ax Maude Witherspoon—unlamented by her put-upon daughter- in-law, her doctor son Neville, their adopted bad seed Martin, and their ``perfect'' daughter Deborah. Read full book review >