Books by Stephen M. Silverman

THE CATSKILLS by Stephen M. Silverman
Released: Oct. 29, 2015

"Those who've seen the Catskills will love how the authors capture its magic. Those who haven't will start planning a trip."
A history that demonstrates "the color, charm, and even lunacy that for the past four hundred years have characterized the Catskill Mountains and the people attracted to them." Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 1996

"Still, this is an extremely readable book about an important, underappreciated director; like all the best musicals, it is styled with an airy mix of gravity and joy. (39 b&w photos, not seen)"
Well-paced, deftly wrought show-biz biography of the director whom Jean-Luc Godard called ``the master of the musical.'' While Donen's name may not be a familiar one, he was responsible, either as director or codirector, for a substantial number of notable films, from Singin' in the Rain to Funny Face and Charade (the book's introduction is by Audrey Hepburn). Read full book review >