Books by Steven D. Salinger

WHITE DARKNESS by Steven D. Salinger
Released: June 1, 2001

"Salinger (Beyond the Fire, 1997) doesn't have it all together yet in the plotting department, but his good guys are thoroughly likable, and his bad guys keep the pages turning."
A fast-paced thriller that moves from Haiti's mean streets to New York's, all the while chronicling some high-octane lives. Read full book review >
BEYOND THE FIRE by Steven D. Salinger
Released: Sept. 17, 1997

"A quick, breezy, confusing read that, despite its baggy plot, gratuitous sex, and ditto violence, shows the skills of a writer who is meant for finer things."
A dizzy whirlwind of a debut thriller that ultimately runs out of air: about the fate of an American soldier trying to return home 25 years after having been listed as missing in action. Read full book review >