Books by Sue Cameron

LOVE, SEX, AND MURDER by Sue Cameron
Released: July 12, 1996

"Entertainment law and the Hollywood power game here fall under the lens of a graphic intelligence that will keep you up like a pot of caffeine."
Stunning improvement over gossip maven Cameron's first novel, Honey Dust (1993), though staying in the same starry venue. Read full book review >
HONEY DUST by Sue Cameron
Released: Aug. 6, 1993

"Cameron would have done better to stick with dishing dirt and cutting deals."
The Hollywood novel is taken to amazing new lows—in a fiction debut by a former columnist for the Hollywood Reporter and ``personal manager or advisor for major stars like Kim Novak, Angie Dickinson, Marlo Thomas, and Joan Rivers.'' It's the story of a Hollywood dynasty, the Kings of King Motion Pictures, hatched by Pinky Cohen (``the only Jew on the University of Southern California football team'') and Honey—a cross between an inflatable plastic sex-doll and the Bride of Frankenstein. Read full book review >