Books by Susan B. Kelly

KID'S STUFF by Susan B. Kelly
Released: Dec. 1, 1994

"A deceptively quiet setup, a stunning climax, and an all-too- plausible harvest of ashes in Kelly's strongest novel yet."
Hopbridge Chief Inspector Nick Trevellyan's first solo outing- -his live-in sometime detective partner Alison Hope (Hope Will Answer, 1993, etc.) hovers on the fringe—is a dark departure from the badinage of his earlier ventures. Read full book review >
HOPE WILL ANSWER by Susan B. Kelly
Released: Dec. 2, 1993

"Not much spark here: Nick and Alison are nice enough, if a tad dull—but as before, their ever-so-civilized conversation and mundane insights make for only mildly diverting fare."
Newly elevated to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector, Hopbridge CID, Nick Trevellyan (Time of Hope, etc.) must now find the village rapist who targets youngsters the age of Girl Guides, and he must do so with an ambitious new partner, Sheila Walpoke, while his usual sergeant is in hospital and his lady-love, computer-whiz Alison Hope, is off in London trying to find the hacker who's menacing her pal Philip's computer firm. Read full book review >
TIME OF HOPE by Susan B. Kelly
Released: Nov. 9, 1992

Police Inspector Nick Trevellyan, of the West Country village of Hopbridge, is returning from a holiday in Venice with whip- smart, gorgeous girlfriend Alison Hope (Hope Against Hope, 1991) when he's confronted with the strangling murder of young, promiscuous, pregnant (shown by autopsy) Frisco Carstairs. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

"First in a series, which needs more thought and charm to qualify as an engaging British cozy read."
In a first mystery, England-based Kelly introduces Little Hopford village inspector Nick Trevellyan and the area's new resident—former Londoner, computer-whiz Alison Hope—who bickers mightily with her cousin and former Hope Softwear partner Aidan (she bought him out, she says) and becomes suspect #1 when Aidan is bashed to death in his room over the Bird-in-Hand pub. Read full book review >