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CHICO MENDES by Susan DeStefano
Released: March 1, 1992

In the ``Earthkeepers'' series, a true hero of the environmental movement gets his due in a simply phrased biography. Mendes, leader of the nonviolent movement to save the Brazilian rain forest, was gunned down by cattle ranchers just a few years ago. DeStefano gives a sympathetic account of his work, covering Mendes's organization of campaigns (as well as his public-relations efforts to attract world attention); the diversity of rain-forest life; its importance to humanity; the destruction threatening it; and the semifeudal living conditions of the rubber-tappers. Although her style plods a bit, she depicts the drama of the conflict fairly; readers who stick with her account will come to appreciate the enormous forces opposing Mendes and the scope of his achievements. Printed in large type and illustrated with b&w line drawings. Glossary; index; but no bibliography. (Biography. 10-12) Read full book review >