Books by Sylvia Sikundar

FOREST SINGER by Sylvia Sikundar
Released: Aug. 1, 1999

Pygmies (as they are called here, rather than Mbuti) love to sing, but the hero, Mabuti, has not been blessed with a beautiful singing voice. In this uncomplicated tale, readers follow Mabuti's efforts as he continues to practice, despite complaints from his playmates and the wild animals of the forest. Day after day, Mabuti spends time learning to sing; one day, day, much to his surprise, the doves commend him on his beautiful voice. Pleased, Mabuti plays a trick on his former tormentors, imitating a leopard to get their attention; the "leopard" demands to hear Mabuti's singing voice in return for sparing the children's lives. His song saves the day and endears him to his community (and he confesses the trick to an elder). The full-color illustrations deftly depict life in tropical Africa, the work of the villagers, and the wildlife that is part of this lush realm. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >