Books by Tim Drury

WHEN I'M BIG by Tim Drury
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

Brother and sister Joe and Mo's flights of fancy alleviate the boredom of being trapped inside on a rainy day. Conjuring up images of what they will do when they are "big," the two explore a myriad of professions ranging from the ordinary—chef or veterinarian—to the exotic: race-car driver or intrepid explorer. While the children stick to traditional gender roles (Joe, a boy, chooses space exploration, while Mo, a girl, wants to be a hairdresser), Drury offers a wide array of vocations; rhyming couplets maintain a lively pace while Aye's images, filled with abundant details, aptly depict the boundless realm of the imagination. In a clever juxtaposition of reality and fantasy, every illustration shows in a smaller insert the children using common household objects as they "work" while the larger picture reflects the teeming world of their proposed futures. (Picture book. 2-7) Read full book review >