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Released: May 10, 1994

"A book that deserves the widest possible distribution. (Nonfiction. 9+)"
Art and words from the youngest victims of a war in which ``harming children has become a strategy'' (according to an introduction by UNICEF's executive director), created during therapy and counseling and thematically grouped: ``Cruel war,'' its images chillingly similar to battle scenes drawn by young Americans, but informed by a terrible authenticity; ``The day they killed my house,'' even more hauntingly specific; ``My nightmare,'' fantasies generated by real fears; and ``When I close my eyes I dream of peace.'' Most of the pieces are by 10- to 14-year-olds, identified by given names and towns; pictures have descriptive titles (``Mama, wait for me!''; ``Fear''; ``In detention camp'') and are usually matched with words by another child. Read full book review >