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FOLLOW THE LEADER by Vicki Winslow
Released: Nov. 1, 1997

A rare look at the daily nuts and bolts of integration in 1971, from a newcomer who gets all the grace notes—and the fashions of the times—just right. Amanda's North Carolina town is desegregating; to get to sixth grade she takes a bus across town to a school that used to be all black. Her best friend, Jackie, has elected to attend a segregated private school, so Amanda feels alone at a difficult time. As she and her classmates work to adjust, they are forced into some soul-searching beyond what is usually expected of this age group. Winslow wisely lets the inherent drama of the situation play out without throwing in any artificial theatrics; this disarmingly poignant book doesn't deal in frenzy—no riots, no angry mobs. Instead, she shows a group of likable kids, gifted teachers, and concerned parents struggling together to enter a new world. The lessons the children work through never become didactic, because the characters are so well-developed. They are basically good people, aware of their flaws and attempting to change: There may be no more touching story than that. (Fiction. 9-12) Read full book review >