Books by Victor Wuamett

ARTICHOKE HEARTS by Victor Wuamett
Released: Nov. 22, 1991

"Chase gets more insensitive with each book."
Seltzer-swilling, macho-posturing, California real-estate man Chase Randel (Deeds of Trust, 1991; Teardown, 1990), who brokered the deal when Joe Pacheco optioned his artichoke farm to well- heeled developer James O'Ryan, may not earn his commission if gorgeous, libidinous ecologist Lillian Landgaart discovers any endangered saltwater harvest mice on the property and if the environmentalists, led by county planner Irwin Gordon, stall their plans. Read full book review >
DEEDS OF TRUST by Victor Wuamett
Released: April 18, 1991

"A slick, somewhat predictable narrativeat times almost a satire on the hard-boiledas Chase joins the growing number of A.A. heroes who take their seltzers neat and their murders messy."
The second appearance of California real-estate dealer Chase Randel (Teardown, 1990) again finds him embroiled in murder: quiet, elderly Frank Baker, who appealed to him for help when a condo deal soured, soon ``slips'' off a balconyand to compound matters, the autopsy reveals a healthy dose of cyanide in the scotch he'd just drunk. Read full book review >