Books by Virginia Lynn Fry

Released: Feb. 1, 1995

A down-to-earth, practical guide that offers, through stories of young people coping with the death of loved ones, help for others in crisis. A foreword by Katherine Paterson explains to the uninitiated, i.e., those who have not had to face bereavement, why Fry's help for children is critical; in her life and writings, Fry demystifies death for toddlers and teenagers alike, giving it meaning on their terms so that they may grieve and move on. For one child, seeing the ``cremains'' of her grandmother spilled on the table made the loss real; for another, listening to his own heartbeat through a stethoscope (and not hearing a heartbeat in his grandparent's body) gave him an immediate understanding of the difference between life and death. The stories are told with great compassion, laced with advice and shared experiences, and concluded with books relevant to the each section. Whether the loss is of a pet to old age or of a mother in a tragic accident, readers will be able to find the answers they seek for themselves or for others from a knowledgeable, kindly source. (Nonfiction. 10+) Read full book review >