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WILL DAVENPORT lives in an ancient mill in the southwest of England, only a few miles from the village of Slapton, where much of this story takes place. A former television news correspondent, he now spends much of his time on historical research and expl

THE SINNER’S TALE by Will Davenport
Released: April 5, 2005

"The medieval episodes, like campfire tales, are enjoyable in their own right; otherwise, Davenport's latest is a mess."
Could a knight from olde England have an antiwar message for today's British government? Anything's possible in Davenport's mixed-up second novel. Read full book review >
THE PAINTER by Will Davenport
Released: April 29, 2003

"Although the contemporary story becomes an annoying distraction, Davenport does right by Rembrandt and his genius—and that gives his fantasy a glow of its own."
Rembrandt in England, locked in a fierce struggle with the poet Andrew Marvell for artistic preeminence—and the attentions of a beautiful woman: all in this outing from Davenport (a.k.a. British thriller writer James Long: Silence and Shadows, 2001, etc.). Read full book review >