Books by William A. Check

Released: Feb. 15, 1989

In the "Encyclopedia of Health" series, a volume on what has been called the disease of the century. Check engages the reader in two ways—by telling how typical teens react to family members who have Alzheimer's and by citing famous people who have suffered from it, including Norman Rockwell and E.B. White. Both approaches serve to say, "This can happen close by, maybe even to you." Topics include how doctors diagnose the illness and treat it (including experimental treatment); possible causes (viral links, genetics, changes in the immune system); progression of the disease; and crucial differences between normal aging and Alzheimer's. Much attention is given to the challenges of caring for victims in families or day care, and the problems of insurance limitations and medical expenses. The book closes with a short section on future prospects. Throughout, the tone is candid but hopeful. Read full book review >