Books by William H. Hallahan

Released: Dec. 17, 2003

"A reminder, for general readers, of the high stakes at risk in the Revolution, and of the chance turns that changed the course of the game."
For anyone betting on the outcome of the American Revolution in October 1780, the smart money would have been on King George. A year later, against all the odds, Britain was vanquished—a turnabout that forms the lively subject here. Read full book review >
Released: April 19, 2000

" The premise has the potential to pull together a wide range of responses to the first battles of the Revolution, but slick, simplistic prose and one-dimensional characterizations create the flat effect of advertising copy, not the complexity and texture of history. (illustrations)"
A brisk, lightweight overview of the beginnings of the American Revolution, tracing the reactions of patriots and loyalists as news of the Battles of Lexington and Concord traveled from Boston through New York and Philadelphia to the southern states and abroad. Read full book review >