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The Song That Seduced Paris

The Song That Seduced Paris

From the The Bel Homme Quartet series, volume 1

by Cindy Irish

Pub Date: May 16th, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-942627-01-2
Publisher: Enoch Publications

In this debut romance novel, a woman gets a new lease on life while managing four irresistible men training to become the world’s next singing sensation.

Renowned music entrepreneur Teddy Wilson has a vision that’s going to take the industry by storm: a multinational vocal group that combines pop and opera. But he needs a special kind of woman to manage his four talented, egotistical guys. Teddy’s longtime assistant, Harriet, knows just the person for the job: her niece Annie, a music teacher from Detroit who needs something new after losing her husband to cancer 18 months ago. Wounded, gorgeous, and plucky Annie charms Teddy and his singers, whom she aptly dubs Bel Homme (French for “beautiful man”). And she’s up for the challenge of keeping them focused and happy during a summer of intense rehearsals at Teddy’s estate in England, but she doesn’t anticipate falling in love. Though he won’t admit it, French superstar Gabriel Grenier joined the group for a fresh start, too. Already rich and famous, Gabriel is worn out, uninspired, and lonely. Drawn to each other instantly, Annie and Gabriel fight to control their urges, their pasts, and Teddy’s orders not to mix business with pleasure. Irish’s first book in a planned series delivers on many female fantasies: there’s a dreamy man with a sensitive side who knows how to please a woman (on top of a grand piano!), forbidden love, personal growth, even an all-expenses-paid makeover shopping spree. The story features few surprises and little shock factor in terms of plot (Gabriel’s big secret is far from scandalous), but readers will have fun anyway. Though the book opens with an abrupt, graphic description of Teddy receiving a sexual favor from an employee he’s about to fire, later sex scenes—built up slowly, between a couple worth caring about—are poetic and satisfying. Even Teddy gets a chance to redeem himself through a sweet, age-appropriate romance with Harriet. Readers will look forward to love stories involving Bel Homme’s other three eligible bachelors in future installations of the series.

A fun, sexy escape.